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quote icon Clarence Thomas: What I was told that they needed cover for the women's groups to oppose me. So they needed the NAACP out front. (News Clip 1: "Write your senators and representatives. Tell them Clarence Thomas is unacceptable. He has indicated that he believes in Natural Law, and he does not believe in privacy." News Clip 2 (Flo Kennedy): We don't need a lot of questions to be asked before we Bork this guy. We simply, immediately Bork him. News Clip 3: We want you to organize pickets at their offices, follow them from the airport to the supermarket. News Clip 4 (Patricia Ireland): There is substantial opposition to Clarence Thomas. His history of supporting a judicial philosophy that is really out of step with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Clarence Thomas: We know exactly what is going on here. And to pretend it is for some other reason, stop. Do I have stupid written on the back of my shirt? Come on, we know what this is all about. This isn't about what they say it's about. People should just tell the truth. This is the wrong black guy. He has to be destroyed. Just say it. Now at least we are being honest with each other.

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