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We believe that the ability to share intelligence through language is one of the most beautiful human traits. This ability to gain the learned wisdom from others instead of having to glean it from our own hard experience is of high value. Quotes offer a simple yet powerful way of communicating meaning from others that have gone before us.
We believe there is great value in brevity. We believe a good quote is a short, meaningful, authoritative statement with emotional appeal.
Short:  Short is memorable, long is complicated.
Meaningful:  Not everything we come across is meaningful. There is a huge difference between information and intelligence. Meaningful intelligence offers valuable insights that increase our power to act.
Authoritative:  A quote should be trusted to accurately repeat the words of the author. A credible quote should be substantiated by a reference to the source.
Emotional Appeal:  Our emotions tells us what we value. The things we value are the things that motivate us to act.