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    What is Quotempole?

    Quotempole is a collaborative platform for gathering, organizing, and sharing intelligence.
    YouTubeBy following YouTube's embedded link format, you can reference quotable parts of any YouTube video.
    Chrome ExtensionWith the Quotempole Chrome extension you can easily capture quotes as you read articles in your Chrome Browser. See our about page for what makes a good quote.
    quotelistOrganize your quotes into topical Quotelists and share them.
    commentEveryone may not have a passion for gathering quotes, but everyone has an opinion. Sharing your opinion is easy with Quotempole's commenting, sentiment, and rating features.

    What is a QuoteList?

    A Quotelist is a collection of quotes similar to a music playlist. Instead of constantly searching for individual quotes, you can organize similar quotes into a list and then share the list with others using a single url link. If your quote collection becomes large, Quotelists can help bring order to your quote collection.

    Can Google Lens image recognition help me capture quotes?

    Yes! Using Google Lens you can take a photo on any mobile device, select text within that photo, then send the captured text to the clipboard of any computer you're signed into using your Google account.

    Step 1: Google LensDownload Google Lens  from the Google Play Store

    Step 2:
    1. First, open Google Lens on the device that will be taking the photo of the text you want to capture
    2. Next, ensure you’re signed into another computer using the same google account
    3. Next, back in Google Lens, snap a photo of the text you wish to capture
    4. Then, select the text (shown in blue highlight in screenshot below)
    5. Now, select the overflow menu (the vertical 3 dots) from the selection menu
    Google Lens

    Step 3: Select "Copy to computer"
    Google Lens

    Step 4: Select the computer that you wish to send the captured text to. (Only computers that you've signed into with your Google account will appear in the list)
    Google Lens

    Step 5: The "computer" you selected from the list will now have the text you copied from the photo available in it's "clipboard". Now, just paste the captured text into the quote detail text field as you are adding a new quote at qtmp.com!

    How do I capture quotes with the Quotempole Chrome extension?

    Once you have installed the Quotempole Chrome extension, capturing quotes is easy.
    Step 1: Highlight any quoteable text
    Step 2: Click on the Quotempole icon
    Step 3: Edit any of the captured information such as adding tags
    Step 4: Click "Add Quote"
    The quote is captured to your Quotmepole collection.

    How do I quote part of a YouTube video?

    When adding or editing a quote:

    Step 1: Enter the YouTube Video Id
    EXAMPLE: In the following YouTube URL, the Video Id is eWaZddgk4ro.

    Step 2: Start Time (Optional)
    To enable a YouTube video to start playing from a specific point in the video, enter the start seconds.

    Step 3: End Time (Optional)
    To enable a YouTube video to stop playing at a specific point in the video, enter the end seconds.

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