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quote icon President Dedmon: Well, Jack, I haven't heard anything positive back yet. And I think I've done everything I can. Maybe we need more time. I don't know. Jack Lengyel: Time's the only thing we don't have, Don. I mean, hell, it's already April. Time is not our friend. Let me ask you a question. Now, are you married? President Dedmon: Yes, I am. 25 years in May. Jack Lengyel: Twenty-five years. I am willing to bet that you didn't propose over the phone. President Dedmon: No, I didn't. Jack Lengyel: Okay. And I know damn well that she didn't say yes in a letter. Huh? President Dedmon: Jack? Jack Lengyel: Doc? President Dedmon: No, Jack. I know... Jack Lengyel: Yes. Doc? You can do it. You're an outlaw. Pioneer. Gunslinger. This is a whole new game, doc. (whstles). You. There's a first time for everything, Don. And if we're gonna survive, this has to be one of those first times. And you're the only man who can do it.

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