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quote icon I have a human right. The beautiful thing about the Constitution and the bill of rights is, this was just codified human rights. It doesn't grant any government any type of power. The framers of this place just said, these are human natural rights that you are born with and we as a nation are going to recognize it. So me personally, I don't care if people want to say they want to repeal the second amendment. You know, it's always very interesting to me the people saying they want to appeal it, and they have the process of doing it. They could get two-thirds of congress to ratify it. It's out there. The issue to me is these are the same people that if you ask them, if you say "Ok. Cool. Your security detail and law enforcement which are American citizens, are you ok with those people being subject to those same rules and restrictions as well? Then you'll get a resounding well, well, well, it's gotta be different. It's gotta be different. The police have to have a firearm because there's bad guys out there. Well, that's the same reason why I carry a firearm. And again, these are codified human and natural rights, and I don't care what the unconstitutional statute would attempt to tell me. These things are a list of checks on government, not the other way around. So there will never be a time in American history when the American people will not own firearms. How are you going to get them from us?
⁠— Maj Toure

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