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quote icon The Hebrew word for faith is emunah. It means “firm,” “steadfast,” or “supportive” and implies action. Tammy explains that one of the first places emunah is used is in Exodus 17:10–12. In this chapter, the people of Israel are under attack and need God’s help. Moses tells Joshua to lead the fight while Moses goes to the top of a hill and raises his staff. The battle goes on, and as Moses raises his hands, the Israelites prevail, but if he lowers his hands, their enemies take the lead. As Moses grows tired, two men, Aaron and Hur, come and lift up Moses’s hands, enabling them to stay “steady until the going down of the sun” (Exodus 17:12). Emunah is translated as “steady” in this verse, but it can also mean “faithful,” changing this line to read, “His hands were faithful until the going down of the sun.” Tammy points out that it was Aaron and Hur’s decision to take action that made it possible for Moses’s hands to stay lifted and save the people. Likewise, our own faith will require action in order for it to grow and be effective. Tammy says, “For me, [faith in God] means I will do what I can to support God. It requires action on my part in order to have complete confidence and trust in Him.”
⁠— Emily Abel

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