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quote icon Moyers: The difficult part to see of course, is the proposition that people are born with a freedom that is inherent in human nature. Adler: I don't think it's too difficult. If I said that man, and man alone has an intellect. Other animals have perceptual intelligence, but only man has intellection or understanding, conceptual intelligence, and along with that only man has a will that is free. I mean, I think these two things: free will, and conceptual intelligence, being able to think, and understand as only man can think and understand are the distinctive characteristics of the human race. These are the properties of human nature. And these two properties that underlie freedom of action, the entitlement of freedom of action, and underlie freedom of political liberty. Moyers: And we have them by being human? Adler: That's right. Moyers: In our nature? Adler: That's right.