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quote icon What I'm really saying is that almost everyone involved in politics or covering politics now...is getting dumber. They're getting lost in a sea of dumb.  They may drown in it. ... They are involved in the making of history...and yet some are "historical illiterates", ... People in politics now are getting what they know through the internet, through Google searches and Wikipedia. These can give you a certain sense of things but are by nature quick, lifeless and shallow reads that link to other quick, dry and shallow reads that everyone else has also read.  Who wrote them?  Nobody quite knows.  And what you see is often presented at a slant.  They put forward as fact what are really the biases or limited knowledge of the writer.  It all becomes a big lying loop.  Or at least a big, un-nourishing, inadequate one. And they leave out this fact: history is human.  History is not dry dates and data, and it is not gossip or cheap stuff, it is human beings acting -- sometimes heroically, sometimes inadequately or wickedly -- in real time. ... I know this: If you cannot read deeply you will not be able to think deeply.

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