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quote icon As intelligent adults blessed with the ability to learn and understand basics of science, today we are fortunate to know that a child in the womb is not just a clump of pink cells, as Planned Parenthood and other sources of misinformation have told millions of us. The unborn baby is not merely a part of the mother?s own body, like a fingernail or nose hair or parasite (a common analogy, sadly) to be removed with impunity. It is a separate creature with its own circulatory system, it?s own nervous system, it?s own heart. It is alive and looks like a human very early in its existence. Yes, it is vulnerable and dependent on the mother?s body, and even after birth it will continue to be dependent on the mother or perhaps others, but this does not mean that it?s life can be snuffed out at will. It is proper for states to carefully formulate regulations. May they do so in light of modern science and sound ethics.