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quote icon To me, resilience of spirit (far more than brilliance of intellect) is the essential ingredient of a full life. No matter how smart we are, we can allow sorrows and grievances to overwhelm us, or we can respond positively to setbacks ? be they caused by our own misjudgments or by forces beyond our control. This choice has rarely been starker than in the past two years. As individuals, we have had to adapt to the shock of unwelcome and unexpected circumstances. Collectively, we have had to bounce back not only from the pandemic but also from doubts about our willingness to pursue social justice, our power to make self-government succeed and our capacity to prevent advanced technology from causing more harm than good. Worldwide, we have undergone a period of trial that has changed us in ways not yet fully revealed. Clearly, our future leaders will have to be gutsy and resourceful, and so, each in our own way, will we.?